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Fresh Blackberry Market in the United States

Blackberry production in the United States is low, so in recent years imports have grown considerably, with Mexico being the main supplier with 97.7% of imports, followed by Guatemala and Canada.

Mexican Raspberry Production and Exports

Mexico ranks as the 2nd largest raspberry producer in the world, as well as being one of the largest exporters, volumes that have increased considerably in recent years, with production peaking in 2021.

Lime Price at Shipping Point for the United States

Find out what was the average monthly price of fresh lime at the crossing point for the United States, during the period between November 2019 and October 2022 (last 3 years with available data).

Mexican Blackberry Production and Exports

Mexico is the largest blackberry producer in the world, although production has been reduced in recent years since the pandemic, but this has not affected exports, which have continued to grow.

Mexican Lime Production and Exports

In Mexico, lime production is of great economic importance, being the second largest producer and the largest exporter of this product in the world, with practically all its volume going to the United States.

Blackberry Producing Regions in Mexico

Do you want to know which are the key blackberry producing regions in Mexico? Enter and learn about the states and municipalities that lead the production of this important crop for Mexico’s economy.