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Berry Sunny Leverages Quick-Pay to Strengthen Grower Network and Fuel Expansion

“ProducePay provided me with the financial resources to expand and scale my business in ways I hadn’t thought were possible.”

– Fernando Martinez,
Berry Sunny International Co-Founder & CEO

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Secure a consistent supply of berries and scale business

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Berry Sunny is a US-based buyer, distributor and importer that sources strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries from Mexico, depending on seasonal availability. These berries are sold to distributors in the US and Canada, making Berry Sunny a crucial link in the global fresh produce supply chain.

The Challenge: Secure a Consistent
and Reliable Supply of Berries

“Before ProducePay, I didn’t have the cash flow to pay growers quickly. As a result, I kept losing out to bigger buyers. It was very hard to grow my business.”


As a small-scale buyer with a limited network of growers, Berry Sunny faced significant competition from larger rivals to secure the same berries. Their bigger competitors could pay growers in days, not weeks – something Berry Sunny didn’t always have the cash flow to offer. As a result, they consistently lost business to buyers that could provide superior terms.

Berry Sunny needed a solution that would enable them to pay growers fast and gain a competitive edge – that’s when they came across ProducePay.

The Solution: Optimizing Cash Flow with Quick-Pay

“As a buyer, paying suppliers quickly is a huge competitive advantage. ProducePay made this possible for me.”


ProducePay’s Quick-Pay solution offered Berry Sunny a game-changing advantage. Now, they had the cash flow to pay growers within one day of accepting delivery. Because growers knew they wouldn’t have to chase down their invoices, they prioritized Berry Sunny as a buyer.

Initially, Berry Sunny was approved for a Quick-Pay funding limit, but over time, ProducePay raised the limit based on their proven payment reliability and in recognition of their positive working relationships with growers, including resourceful problem-solving in cases of order resolution – a  factor that traditional lenders wouldn’t consider.

This expanded cash flow allowed Berry Sunny to scale in previously unimaginable ways by securing large quantities of high-quality berries every season.

“Working with ProducePay allowed us to establish a more vertical operation, where we also control the transport and the quality control of our Mexican berries as they arrive at our cold storage facilities in Texas.”

Growth Opportunity: Expanding Berry Sunny’s
Supplier Network

“One of the biggest challenges for any buyer is finding reliable suppliers. Especially in new countries and new markets. The ProducePay platform provided me with  pre-vetted growers I knew I could trust.”


As Berry Sunny scaled their business, they needed additional growers to meet increasing retailer demand. ProducePay’s network offered them a wide selection of trusted suppliers in various berry-growing regions of Mexico. This expanded supplier base gave them a new ability to quickly and efficiently fill seasonal gaps and shortfalls.

“Our journey with ProducePay has been nothing short of transformational, and we look forward to scaling even greater heights together.”

– Fernando Martinez,
Berry Sunny International Co-Founder & CEO