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agricultural products in Mexico
Miguel Angel Miranda
January 30, 2023
Miguel Angel Miranda
January 30, 2023

Agricultural Products in Mexico with the Highest Income

Mexico is the third-largest producer of agricultural products in Latin America, behind Brazil and Argentina. And its production helps fill demand for fresh fruits and vegetables in many parts of the globe.

To better understand this thriving industry in Mexico, the Agricultural and Fisheries Information Service (SIAP by its Spanish acronym) releases an annual report about statistics and trends in Mexican crops, as well as production and trade information. SIAP is expected to release its 2022 report later this year. For now, let’s look into the 2021 data. The Mexican government agency published the data of the Agricultural Closing for 2021, which provides detailed information about the current situation of agricultural products in Mexico. This includes getting an understanding of products that generate more revenue out of the many crops grown in Mexico.

It is important to understand that a good yield does not necessarily equate to profitability because there are more factors that affect the return on investment. First, the total amount of production must be measured to compare it accurately with potential income. This can be done through a well-developed recordkeeping system that tracks both inputs (e.g., seed, fertilizer, and labor) and outputs (e.g., harvested crops). The quality of the harvest is also a factor. For instance, if a crop yields high quantities but is of low quality due to environmental factors or pests and disease, its market value may be drastically reduced. Long-term sustainability also comes to play when tackling crop income; while short-term gains may appear attractive in the near term, they could have negative repercussions further down the line.

For example, tomatoes are one of the most produced crops in Mexico. In 2021, tomato producers in Sinaloa, Mexico, produced a yield of 56 tons per hectare, a good yield considering that it mainly runs an open-field production. We might think the return on investment is high with this output. But the truth is, since they harvest most of their tomatoes between November and January, the oversupply causes the price to drop to the point that over several years farmers were forced to throw away their produce or use it to feed livestock. We will find out how this trend changes based on SIAP’s 2022 upcoming release of statistics.

The most profitable farm crops are those that can create an economic benefit. For example, even in the case of obtaining a low yield, you can have good profitability if the product is marketed at a high price. This premise is much better than having a huge production in a saturated market.

Having explained this, the following are the products of Mexico that left more income per unit area (hectare in this case) to Mexican farmers in 2021.

Agricultural Products of Mexico with the Highest Income

It should be clarified that the data presented refer to the gross profit obtained for each crop. To obtain the net profit, the expenses inherent to production costs would have to be deducted.

To analyze how much money these Mexican crops generated, we considered the country’s total harvested area and the production value for each crop during 2021.

In this sense, the crops with the highest value per unit area in Mexico are agave, leaving 1,225,778 pesos per hectare, followed by eggplant and strawberry with 972,411 pesos/ha and 923,234 pesos/ha, respectively.

Crops with the highest income per area in Mexico (2021)
Crop Harvested area (ha) Production value(Million pesos) Gross return(pesos/ha)
Agave 24,184 29,644 1,225,778 
Eggplant 1,597 1,553 972,411
Strawberry 11,905 10,991 923, 234
Raspberry 8,520 6,731 790,041
Tomato 47,940 31,504 657,146
Blackberry 9,187 4,338 472,180
Cucumber 18,102 7,516 415,193
Asparagus 34,889 13,514 387,346
Papaya 19,509 6,759 346,462
Grape 34,475 10,734 311,369
Source: SADER-SIAP/ProducePay

We can see that this list includes three of the berries grown in Mexico, which together, constitute the 3rd most exported agri-food product by Mexico. So, we can say that berry cultivation is one of the most profitable in the industry.

Also, it is not surprising that tomatoes appear in this list since it is one of the most important crops in Mexico. This Latin American country is the 9th largest tomato producer and the largest exporter in the world.

In addition, among the agricultural products in Mexico, tomato was the 4th agri-food product with the highest production value in the country in 2021, followed by agave, pepper, and berries.

High-value crops in Mexico

It is highly interesting that avocados ranked 17th in the list despite being a fairly well-remunerated product in Mexico.

In 2021, grain corn, avocado, and sugarcane had the highest production value in Mexico, with 148,601, 50,538, and 46,929 million pesos, respectively.

This can be explained by the fact that the yield (production volume divided by harvested area) of avocado is much lower than that of other agricultural products in Mexico, such as tomatoes or berries, making it a crop that requires a larger extension than usual.

In Mexico, agave, eggplant, and strawberry are the crops that leave more income per hectare harvested, while the crops with the highest production value are grain corn, avocado, and sugar cane. We expect to see how this changed in 2022 when SIAP’s data comes out.

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