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Blog | 3 min read
February 6, 2024
February 6, 2024

Avocados and the big game: a winning team on and off the field.

The Big Game isn’t just about touchdowns and tight plays; it’s about avocados stepping onto the field and making waves both in the game and on our plates.

Beyond the game, this iconic event represents an excellent opportunity for growers and marketers to do business, benefiting every player of the supply chain.

Tracking Avocado Seasonal Surge

The surge in US avocado consumption over the last decade has prompted Mexico and other Latin American countries to increase their avocado exports, and this annual event is world’s leading for avocados trade, amplifying the demand.

Examining the past three years, US avocado imports has been a visual spectacle on the charts, particularly from December to January. This crucial period sees Mexico as virtually the only supplier, setting the stage for the big surge in American retailers and marketers’ demand for avocados in the lead-up to the Big Game.

Collaboration Leading to Victory

Much like a winning football team, the journey of avocados from Mexican orchards to American tables demands seamless collaboration within the whole supply chain. From farmers cultivating avocados to distributors ensuring timely shipments, every player in this game needs to work together to secure victory.

Just as football teams strategize their moves on the field, the avocado supply chain strategically plans each step, ensuring the right quantity of avocados arrives at the right time and in the best condition.

Strategic Moves: Avocado Offense and Defensive Plays

In the avocado industry, defensive plays are evident through rigorous quality control protocols implemented at every stage, from cultivation to distribution. Stringent inspections and adherence to compliance standards required by the USDA act as the defensive line, ensuring avocados traverse the supply chain with unwavering quality and integrity.

On the offensive side, distributors act as strategic quarterbacks, orchestrating shipments precisely timed to meet escalating demand leading up to the Big Game. These tactics ensure avocados not only hit the market but do so at the peak of ripeness and quality for consumers to savor them during the game.

Championship Level Quality Avocados with ProducePay

In unraveling the intricacies of the avocado industry’s Big Game plan, it’s clear that achieving championship-level quality demands careful orchestration.

ProducePay’s Predictable Commerce Platform gives access to a global network of pre-vetted growers, ensuring a year-round, high-quality avocado supply. With end-to-end visibility, buyers can trust ProducePay to deliver avocados in full, on spec, and on time.

Don’t settle for any avocado—aim for championship-level quality with ProducePay. Experience the winning team behind your avocado supply chain.

Source: USDA-AMS