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ProducePay unlocks your access to cash flow

We help producers obtain the financing they need. Months before the start of their harvest.

These are some of the recent fundings…

Producer grows: Green Beans

Region: Northwest Mexico

Use of funds: Land Preparation

$1,000,000 (USD)

8 months before the start of their harvest!
Producer grows: Strawberries

Region: Southwest Mexico

Use of funds: Seeds, Payroll, & Land Preparation

$600,000 (USD)

10 months before the start of their harvest!
Producer grows: Tomatoes

Region: Northwest Mexico

Use of funds: Land Preparation, & Greenhouse Maintenance

$800,000 (USD)

10 months before the start of their harvest!
Producer grows: Asparagus

Region: Northeast Mexico

Use of funds: Land Preparation, & Seeds

$200,000 (USD)

6 months before the start of their harvest!

ProducePay finances successful growing operations across Latin America and the United States.

The growers we finance ship to reputable distributors such as:

ProducePay is the leading industry resource for produce trading.

Grow with the leading produce trading solution

ProducePay provides produce growers, shippers, and distributors with the tools to expand their business.


Farmers and distributors financed


Produce financed


Loads traded per day on average

By partnering with ProducePay, we had the opportunity to work with growers we would never have met otherwise. It also increased our cash flow access which allowed us to purchase the goods to increase our revenue. In the agribusiness, having cash flow access can be crucial at times. ProducePay is a very reliable financial tool, the perfect tool for businesses in the agriculture industry.

Luis Mario Morales

General Manager of Chucho Produce, LLC.
Using the ProducePay Trading platform – being able to punch in a couple prices and with the click of a mouse, sending out offers to my network – is very easy and efficient. The ProducePay team is a pleasure to talk with – not only are they polite, knowledgeable, and helpful, but they are constantly striving to improve the tool and have a great enthusiasm and energy in doing so.

Thomas Gangemi

Produce Networks
The ProducePay financial platform is very accessible and easy to use. I have recommended others to work with their product and would again!

Cristal Macias

Sales Assistant at Prometo Produce, LLC

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