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What brings you to ProducePay?

  • Manage your Pre-Season application.
  • Explore Market Insights.
  • Access Trading Solutions.
  • Manage and Upload Shipments
  • Track Payments

“We wanted to grow our business but didn’t have the capital to develop new markets and find customers for our products. With Quick-Pay, we improved our cash position and found new buyers via ProducePay’s trading services.”

Fabian Tostado
Operations Director of Brupot




Michoacan & Jalisco, Mexico


Berry growing and distribution company


Optimize cash flow
to pay suppliers
sooner and expand
into new markets


Trading & Quick-Pay

Brupot is a small berry exporting company that specializes in blackberries. They’ve spent years developing and improving different varieties at their orchards in Michoacan, Mexico. They continue investing in product development, perfecting their technique and striving to create the highest quality blackberries in the world.


The challenge:

Optimize cash flow
and develop new
customer markets.

Brupot was introduced to ProducePay by one of their suppliers – a grower who requested that they handle payments through our platform.

When they saw that their supplier was paid within 24 hours of delivering their shipment, they quickly realized they could use ProducePay’s Quick-Pay solution to build better relationships with their growers.

And because Brupot was able to pay ProducePay on more flexible terms, they were able to improve their cash flow simultaneously.

In their first season, Brupot utilized Quick-Pay to ensure that their suppliers received 80% of their invoice value within 24 hours of their shipment’s delivery.

In the following season, they upgraded and wer able to pay out 96% of each load’s value within a day of receiving it, enabling them to make even better deals with their suppliers.

“Whenever we have concerns, there is always someone to assist us, and they make sure that we are paid quickly and fairly.”

Fabian Tostado
Operations Director of Brupot


The solution:

New customers and faster payments with Quick-Pay

This new payment method allowed Brupot to strengthen its supply chain, improve cash flow and expand.

Armed with more cash and a desire to expand operations, Brupot used our trading services to find new, pre-vetted buyers to purchase their additional production.

While Brupot found several trusted, pre-qualified buyers through our trading services, they also used Quick-Pay payments on shipments to their new partners to ensure that all trades would be protected.

And by using Quick-Pay now as a seller, they also receive faster payments from their new buyers instead of waiting 30-40 days after making a delivery.

“ProducePay introduced us to verified buyers we knew we could trust, which reduced our risk and made us feel confident in expanding.”

Fabian Tostado
Operations Director of Brupot