ProducePay Helps Fegurri SAC Maintain Operations During Low Cash Harvest Period

“I would recommend ProducePay for their expertise, the confidence they gave us and for the fairness of their deals.

Alejandro Hernan Carvajal Tapia
– Director of Fegurri SAC
Fegurri SAC
Piura, Peru
Table grape growers
Cash flow for the
season’s operations
Fegurri SAC is a Peruvian agriculture company located in Piura, a region with a subtropical climate ideal for producing several crops. Their main crop is table grapes, including both licensed and traditional (public) varieties, and they are also venturing into avocado production.

“When we go into production and it’s time to prune, we need capital to support our operating costs.”

The Challenge: Need Cash Flow for Field Operations

“ProducePay understood our business. They gave us financing options and they know that for growers, there are periods when you have no income and periods when you do.”

Fegurri SAC needed financing to maintain its table grape and avocado production operations, particularly during harvest times when their cash flow was low.

Company Director Alejandro Carvajal knew it was important to work with a partner who understood the specific needs and challenges of growers and their production cycles.

He considered working with traditional banks, but he found that they lacked the expertise and specialized knowledge he valued.

The Solution: Pre-Season Financing with Favorable Conditions

“They know how our industry works, so it was easy to talk about the working capital we needed to finance our operations.”

When Alejandro discovered ProducePay’s digital platform, he initially used it to check the prices of various products. And as he spent more time with the app, he discovered all of the different financing options he was eligible for to support his company’s growth.

He learned that ProducePay could offer an ideal solution to Fegurri SAC because it has the experience and expertise to understand the complexities of agricultural production and marketing.

After exploring his options, Alejandro met with the ProducePay team in his fields and they explained how their services could impact his operations. After having a productive discussion, he decided that Pre-Season financing was the right choice for his business.

“I would recommend ProducePay to any grower looking for the financing they need to help with their production.”

Alejandro Hernan Carvajal Tapia
– Director of Fegurri SAC

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