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“Our greatest barrier to growth was cash flow. To meet greater demand, we had to pay our growers, but we couldn’t access the capital we needed because our buyers hadn’t yet paid us.”

Emilio Campos Corona
Logistics and Operations Director, Global Fresh Produce


Global Fresh Produce


Guanajuato & Puebla, Mexico


Vegetables Grower


Limited cash flow
constrains ability
to buy more produce.



For twenty years, Global Fresh Produce has produced, traded and distributed vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower, green beans and snow peas in Guanajuato and Puebla. Their high-quality produce is consumed domestically and exported to international markets, such as the United States and Canada.


The challenge:

Free up cash to buy more produce.

Global Fresh Produce is meeting increased demand by growing and purchasing more produce from its community of growers. However, this expansion requires additional capital and liquidity. One of their main challenges is freeing up the necessary cash to make timely payments to growers before receiving payments from buyers. This cash flow gap poses a significant hurdle, as accessing capital to bridge this gap is essential for running and growing their business.

In response to this challenge, Global Fresh Produce turned to ProducePay, drawn by the company’s reputation for rapid service and the convenience of its cutting-edge digital platform. ProducePay’s solutions provide the financial flexibility needed to ensure growers are paid promptly, fostering stronger relationships within the supply chain.


“Apart from being reliable, ProducePay is a company well-known in the industry for its speed, providing fast and timely payments when we need it most.”

Emilio Campos Corona
Logistics and Operations Director, Global Fresh Produce


The solution:

Optimized liquidity to fuel growth.

Global Fresh Produce needed quick access to cash flow to pay their growers and bridge the gap until their own buyers paid them. ProducePay’s Quick-Pay solution allowed them to pay their growers in as fast as 24 hours after accepting a shipment. And because they could pay ProducePay on very flexible terms, they were able to strengthen their financial position to fuel growth and invest in their operations.

This not only strengthened their relationships with their growers but also optimized their cash flow position, allowing them to buy more produce, become more competitive, meet their demand, and expand their business opportunities.

“ProducePay is a reliable company, your speed is key to solve problems and you have very good customer service.”

Emilio Campos Corona
Logistics and Operations Director, Global Fresh Produce