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Blog | 2 min read
Broccoli Producing Regions in Mexico
April 18, 2022
April 18, 2022

Broccoli Producing Regions in Mexico

Broccoli is a vegetable that requires a warm climate and rich soils to grow; this vegetable was introduced to Mexico in the early 1990s by growers in the United States and quickly became popular among Mexican consumers.

It is mostly produced in Guanajuato because its climate is ideal, with cool nights and warm days. In addition, the state has a large number of small farms, allowing growers to focus on a single crop, which is why broccoli production has increased considerably in recent years.

Key broccoli producing states in Mexico

The states that lead broccoli production in Mexico are Guanajuato, Puebla, Sonora, Michoacán and Jalisco with 87.0% of the national volume in 2021, or 518,895 tonnes.

Guanajuato, in the 1st position, produced 387,796 tonnes of broccoli (65.0%), volume obtained from 22,913 hectares harvested (67.0%), so the average yield in the state was 16.9 tonnes per hectare.

Of the 5 states with the highest production, Sonora obtained the highest average yield, with 21.6 tonnes per hectare, while the highest price per tonne was obtained also in Sonora with 10,098 pesos.

In terms of the production value, Guanajuato led with 2,548 million pesos, accounting for 63.6% of the national total, followed by Sonora and Baja California with 8.3% and 6.6%, respectively.

Key broccoli producing municipalities in Mexico

The 10 municipalities with the highest broccoli production in Mexico during 2021 were Dolores Hidalgo, Valle de Santiago, San Luis de La Paz, Doctor Mora, San Luis Río Colorado, San José Iturbide, Juventino Rosas, San Miguel de Allende, Jaral del Progreso and Tangancícuaro, which accounted for 49.5% of the national volume, or 293,584 tonnes.

Dolores Hidalgo, in 1st position, produced 50,296 tonnes (8.5%), being also the municipality with the largest harvested area with 2,885 hectares (8.5%) and the highest value of production, with 372 million pesos (9.3%).

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