Mexican Avocado Production and Exports

According to FAOSTAT, global avocado production increased by 13.9% between 2019 and 2020, going from 7,077,148 to 8,05,359 tons. Mexico was the main producer, at 2,393,849 tons, and the main exporter, at 1,158.894 tons.



In Mexico, avocado-producing regions can produce practically throughout the whole year. The highest volume is produced between September and December, and the lowest volume is produced between April and June.

Most avocado-producing regions in Mexico can present up to 4 blooms a year (loca, aventajada, normal and marceña), which together allow a continuous bloom from August to March. Since each bloom produces fruits of different quality, and because quality can vary within each bloom, they must be separated during harvest and packing.

The “loca,” or crazy bloom, occurs when rains are delayed and there is a shortage of water, which causes a slower ripening process because there is not enough dry matter for the fruit to ripen properly. In this bloom, the fruit contains more water than oil. Normally, a higher oil-to-water ratio is an indicator of higher quality.

Generally, the “loca” bloom occurs in August and September, the “aventajada” (or advantaged) bloom occurs between October and December, the normal bloom occurs between December and February, and the “marceña” bloom occurs in February and March. These approximate bloom periods are for Michoacán, the main national producer. In other states, these periods can vary.

Monthly avocado production in Mexico (%)



The main destination for Mexican avocado exports is the United States. 78.3% of the total volume exported was sent between January and October 2021, which represented 94.4% of the total value.

The second and third destinations for exports (in terms of volume) were Canada, with 6.8%, and Japan, with 4.6%. Additionally, Mexican avocado was exported to 43 countries during the period mentioned.

The high season for exports occurs between October and January. The high season for consumption in the United States is between September and March, with specific peaks in demand during the Super Bowl and May 5.

In 2019, a significant decrease in exports was observed during the month of June. In 2020, the month with the lowest export volume was July, after which a steady increase was seen until the maximum monthly volumes were reached toward the end of the year and the beginning of the new year.

Monthly avocado exports in Mexico (%)



Mexico’s unquestionable leadership in avocado production is due to its ideal climate and soil conditions, which enable production almost all year round to satisfy the demand of the US market, and to its rigorous compliance with quality and safety requirements.

It is expected that US demand for avocado will continue to increase in the coming years. This will further boost the leadership of the Mexican avocado, especially as farmers from Jalisco join farmers from Michoacán as Hass avocado exports begin in April, 2022.

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