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Industry News | 2 min read
November 27, 2023
November 27, 2023

The surging demand for organic foods in the U.S.

The demand for organic food in the United States has reached impressive levels, positioning the country as a leader in a market whose global sales surpassed $133 billion in 2021.

This growth is mainly due to increasing consumer awareness of organic food’s health and environmental impact. Buyers seeking healthier and more sustainable options have driven the expansion of the organic food market and pushed sales to $61.7 billion in the United States.

Record-Breaking Organic Food Sales

Organic food sales in the United States experienced extraordinary growth in 2022, maintaining the country’s position as a global leader in organic food consumption and sustaining significant year-over-year growth since 2000. Furthermore, this upward trend is expected to continue in 2023.

This growth is reflected across all categories of organic foods, with fruits and vegetables leading organic product sales in the country.

Factors Fueling Organic Produce Consumption

Organic food currently makes up 6% of all food sales in the United States, with consumer preference attributable to many factors.

Consumers opting for organic foods are motivated by the absence of artificial ingredients and pesticides in these products. Additionally, the supply has significantly increased in the last decade, leading to greater availability of these products in supermarkets and conventional retail stores, making it easier for consumers to access organic products.

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