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Industry News | 2 min read
August 31, 2023
August 31, 2023

Storms impact on California’s grape production.

California grape growers face a challenging season due to adverse weather conditions created by tropical storm Hilary, which may impact production and pricing.

While harvesting has surged in recent weeks, the sector faces weather-related challenges that could impact grape quality and availability.

Peak grape supply in California

The peak of California’s grape season resulted in a substantial supply hitting the market. However, tropical storm Hilary has cast uncertainty over this abundant yield. While growers report a high-quality grape harvest, heavy rains have raised concerns about the ripened fruit’s quality.

Preventive measures, such as covers and fungicides, have been deployed to protect the crop, but the full impact of the recent severe weather remains uncertain.

While prices remain relatively strong due to steady demand, the season’s outlook hinges heavily on growers’ ability to counteract the effects of challenging weather conditions.

Potential supply chain disruption

Despite the proactive efforts of California grape growers, the possibility of adverse weather conditions significantly affecting the domestic grape supply chain persists.

Heavy rains, winds and flooding could lead to harvest delays, disrupting delivery schedules and impacting grape availability in the market.

In addition, extreme weather may affect the quality and consistency of grapes by compromising fruit quality and diminishing the supply of high-quality grapes, leading to reduced consumer satisfaction and demand.

Finally, although prices have remained relatively stable, a substantial impact on production due to these adverse conditions could lead to price increases.

Adaptation is critical

Despite the challenges posed by recent tropical storms, the strong California grape season has underscored the resilience and determination of table grape growers.

Growers have demonstrated their ability to swiftly adapt to changing weather patterns and proactively implement measures to safeguard their crops. Investing in preventative actions and a steadfast drive for top-notch quality and production excellence can mitigate the damaging effects of adverse weather.

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