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Industry News | 2 min read
Latin America Addressing Food Security Challenges with Continental Alliance
Miguel Angel Miranda
November 23, 2023
Miguel Angel Miranda
November 23, 2023

Latin America Addressing Food Security Challenges with Continental Alliance

The Continental Alliance for Food Security and Sustainable Development is a collaborative effort among the countries of the Americas, supported by the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA).

The alliance was established to ensure food security and promote sustainable agricultural practices, paving the way for a more sustainable future in the region’s agriculture.

How Did the Continental Alliance Emerge?

The idea of a continental alliance to promote food security and sustainable development emerged as a call to define state policies that consider factors such as food supply, access, distribution, and stability.

According to IICA data, in 2014, the incidence of hunger in Latin America and the Caribbean had decreased to about 5%. However, since then, it has risen to 9%. Additionally, approximately a quarter of the population across the region is grappling with obesity issues, which are directly linked to cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

Therefore, it is essential to define a continental program that enhances the strategic role of Latin America and the Caribbean by modernizing agri-food systems so they can bridge social and productivity gaps while contributing to economic development, social inclusion, and environmental sustainability.

Strengthening the Alliance

The continental alliance gained momentum in 2021 when the IICA initiated a debate that resulted in a consensus in the region to participate in the United Nations Food Systems Summit as a unified bloc.

This alliance was recently strengthened during the 2023 Conference of Ministers of Agriculture of the Americas held at the IICA headquarters in San José, Costa Rica. The event witnessed the participation of representatives from the 34 member countries.

As a result of this event, Mexico confirmed its adherence to the Alliance, marking a significant milestone. Furthermore, since the alliance deals with food security and trade, Mexico’s importance in farming can bolster the entire region’s position in international agricultural trade.

The Role of ProducePay in Food Security

Through its agricultural trade platform, ProducePay aims to strengthen and streamline fresh produce trade, benefiting growers and supply chain stakeholders and directly contributing to food security.

With a presence in numerous countries across the Americas, ProducePay has become a crucial ally in promoting food security and ensuring access to high-quality fresh produce.

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