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Horticola Cimarron takes advantage of Pre-Harvest financing in its long-term operating model

“We needed to improve our cash flow, since we don’t get paid until after we ship the products and we have to pay our employees every month.”

– Jorge Alderett,
General Director of Horticola Cimarron

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Horticola Cimarron


Guanajuato, México

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Agricultural production company

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Cover operating costs while customers pay

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Pre-Harvest Financing

Horticola Cimarron is a Mexican company located in Guanajuato, Mexico and whose specialization is the export of high quality sweet pepper, mini sweet pepper and bunch tomato to the United States and Canada. The company started in 2006 and currently employs more than 2,000 people.

The Challenge: Covering Monthly Labor Costs While Buyers Pay

“We definitely see ourselves working with ProducePay in the long term and look forward to expanding our product portfolio.”


Horticola Cimarron exports its vegetables to the United States and Canada. To carry out their operations, they employ thousands of workers. However, they have always had trouble maintaining the cash flow needed to make payroll.

Because? Due to the lack of constant liquidity from the time the product is planted until the product is shipped.

In the past, Horticola Cimarron sought financing through traditional banks, but the approval process was slow and complicated; In addition, the banks did not offer sufficiently flexible solutions and always asked for guarantees on the land, which was a major obstacle.

What Horticola Cimarron was looking for was a partner who understood their needs, and could provide them with working capital quickly and without so many complications.

“ProducePay offers a much faster response time than a traditional bank and they do not ask for land as collateral.”

The solution: long-term financing based on your operating model


Horticola Cimarron saw in Pre-Harvest financing a solution that adapted to its harvest cycle.

It took the banks months to solve the problem, but with ProducePay it only took them three weeks to obtain Pre-Harvest financing.

With access to working capital they were finally able to cover the lack of cash flow in their operations, from planting to shipping their products. The company has been using this financing for several years, which is now part of Horticola Cimarron’s annual operating model.

Jorge Alderett, General Director of Horticola Cimarron, highlighted that he was not only impressed by the speed of the process, but also by the service. He was able to talk to people who understood how his business worked and his specific challenges as a producer.

Additionally, weekly field visits by ProducePay representatives helped them establish a long-term working relationship and have the confidence to plan for the future.

“The procedure to obtain financing is still very easy and fast, even though ProducePay has grown a lot in the last 2 years.”

Jorge Alderett,
– General Director of Horticola Cimarron