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Industry News | 2 min read
Consumption of Organic Food Set to Increase in the US in 2022-29
August 9, 2022
August 9, 2022

Consumption of Organic Food Set to Increase in the US in 2022

Eating organic was already a growing trend in the United States, but coronavirus has actually sped up the process even further, as people stayed at home, cooked three meals a day and had more time to think about eating healthily.

The sale of organic products in the United States is set to rise by 5-10% in 2022, as under-25s, who are the most interested in organic food, gain more purchasing power.

Another factor is that the greater availability of organic food has narrowed the price gap between non-organic and organic foods.

Retailers are keen to jump on the bandwagon and more and more surveys are being carried out. A recent survey of 5,000 consumers in Canada revealed that 39% of under-25s only buy organic products, or that organic is their first choice of purchase, compared to 25% of consumers over the age of 25.

Another interesting fact was also revealed by the same survey – that consumers under the age of 25 are also more interested in buying exotic products like tropical fruit and Asian vegetables. This is definitely a good opportunity for those who sell such products.

Retailers should now be seeking to sell a variety of organic products year-round, which is a new development and shows that organic products have reached a milestone.

Of course, this all relies on farmers increasing and maintaining their supply of organic products. At the moment, not all organic products are available year-round.

Source: The Packer