Our Mission

At Produce Pay, we help farmers feed the world in a sustainable way!


We believe in Fresh Produce Quality


We believe in transparent, simple and honest trading of fresh produce to allow farmers to invest in their crops year-round


We believe farmers deserve next day payment and do not need to wait to get paid for their work


We believe bringing technology and novel financial tools to an otherwise traditional industry can help farmers getting financial independence to grow their operations


We are here to help farmers continue growing great produce and prosper for years to come!

With global population estimates expected to reach 10 billion by 2050 – and consumption levels surging accordingly – the world is facing increasing pressure to answer food demand. The lack of proper access to cash flow is one of the premiere inhibitors of farm growth, yet it’s one of the least addressed.

Produce Pay is confronting this challenge by creating the first ever means of securitizing fresh perishable produce as a financial asset through the use of technology. Using live data, the company developed a digital marketplace that brings financial independence to farmers and connects them with buyers of fresh produce at a wholesale level.

Our mission is to help farmers grow their produce and operations to answer the growing food demand without loss in produce quality. Everyone wins!

We are the premier solution for growers looking to trade safely in the produce industry, getting them not only the most competitive pricing, but also protection the financial well-being of their transaction in order to provide them with overall safety, transparency, liquidity and ease of use in their sale as has never been seen before in the industry.



My Story

Born and raised in a 4th generation farming family from Mexico, Pablo brings over 10 years experience in the fresh-produce industry. After growing up around the family farm, Campos Borquez, a premiere supplier of fresh asparagus and grapes to the United States and Canada, Pablo went on to work for The Giumarra Companies, managing grower relations in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and the United States.

Pablo returned to the family farm as Chief Financial Officer then went on to complete a Cornell University MBA — it was during his time at Cornell that ProducePay was founded and launched. Pablo is named to the 2015 Ag 40 Under 40 list and enjoys eating asparagus, of course.

Meet the Team

Pablo Borquez Schwarzbeck

Founder & CEO

Benjamin Dusastre

Co-Founder & CFO

Steve Poindexter

Chief Commercial Officer

Gilles Marchand

Chief Product Officer

Jacob Lee

Senior Financial Manager

Megane Pullman

Product Manager

Melanie Chin

Software Engineer

Bilal Achetouane

Software Engineer

Luis Avila

Director of Business Development - Americas

Bryan Barsness

Sales Development Manager

Ana Sofia Canez

Client Care & Due Diligence Manager

Sofia Monreal

Client Care & Due Diligence Support

Maggie Cheng

PR Specialist

Jack Wang

Financial Manager

Alejandro Felix

Sales Representative

Ian Rawluk


Rodrigo Arias

Sales Representative

Luis Gomez

Client Care & Due Diligence Support

Sofia Villalobos

Client Care & Due Diligence Support

Keelan Miller

Financial Analyst

Rolando Garza

Sales Representative

Daniel DeValdenebro

Manager, Finance & Preseason

Alex Harris

Director of Sales

Yael Cypers

Product Marketing Manager

Christian Cota

Sales Representative

Ryan Hart

Sales Representative

Chester Thomas

Sales Representative

Luke Jones

Sales Representative

Carl Hu

Sales Representative

Sam Pagano

Sales Representative

Chris Rico

Staff Accountant

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