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Upholding international standards.

At ProducePay, we’re committed to the highest environmental and social sustainability practices, as outlined by the International Finance Corporation Performance Standards. These standards help us and our clients manage and mitigate environmental and social risks. Our dedication to the IFC standards means we only finance growers who align with and follow these practices.


Supporting sustainable agriculture.

At ProducePay, we believe in climate-smart farming. We’re investing in growers who are passionate about:

  • Reducing carbon emissions
  • Improving ecosystem health
  • Enhancing the resiliency of agricultural systems

We’re excited to lead the world’s first initiative to create carbon credits from climate-smart farming practices in Mexico.

Mexico’s First Agricultural Carbon Offset Program

We’re working with Allcot to get approval from California’s Climate Action Reserve (CAR) for a new methodology that promotes climate-smart farming practices in Mexico. This program aims to reward farmers for adopting practices like:

  • No-till farming
  • Cover cropping
  • Efficient irrigation
  • Renewable energy use
  • Using bio-organic inputs

Carbon offsets 101


What are carbon offsets?

We provide financing up to $30 million. The financing amount a customer will receive depends on a variety of factors. See how much you’re eligible to receive by starting your application through the contact form.

How are carbon offsets generated?

Offsets can be generated by capturing, repurposing or destroying a greenhouse gas that would have otherwise been emitted into the air. They can also be generated by producing clear, renewable energy and eliminating the use of fossil fuels.

What sort of companies are purchasing the offsets?

The carbon offset is most frequently purchased by a private sector corporation. Companies use these offsets to achieve their own ESG goals, offer customers carbon neutral products or services or realize other reputational, environmental benefits.

How are the offsets verified?

All carbon offsets that go into the voluntary market will be verified by a certified third party.

How does a carbon offset program benefit the farmer?

Carbon offsets can be used to finance the transition to more sustainable agriculture practices. These new practices can increase product quality and yield for farmers. Additional benefits may include a cleaner, more vibrant community for the farmers, safer working environments and increased economic opportunities.

Why is Produce Pay involved?

One of ProducePay’s Sustainability Strategy greatest challenges is to contribute to minimizing, mitigating, and being prepared for the impacts of climate change in the agricultural sector. In this sense, we aim to promote the reduction of the carbon footprint throughout the value chain of fresh products and encourage climate-resilient practices among our clients.