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Tomato production in Mexico: key producing regions

Mexico is the 9th largest tomato producer in the world, producing 3,370,827 tons in 2020, although the historical maximum of tomato production was reached in 2018 with 3,780,950 tons.

Tomato is the 10th most produced agricultural crop in Mexico, being the 1st in the group of vegetables, with a great economic importance for the country, since a good part of the production is exported to the United States, constituting in 2020 the 5th agri-food product that left the country with more income from exports, with 1,883 million dollars.

In the United States, the country to which more than 99% of the export volume is sent, fresh tomato consumption has decreased from 20.6 lb (9.3 kg) in 2015 to 18.8 lb (8.5 kg) in 2021, while in Mexico the annual per capita consumption was 13.4 kg in 2020. In addition, in Mexico, tomatoes have a share in national vegetable production of 20.9%.


Largest tomato producing states in Mexico

In 2020, all 32 Mexican states reported tomato production, of which Sinaloa indisputably led tomato production with 684,333 t, or 20.3% of the total volume produced, followed by San Luis Potosí and Michoacán, which produced 380,175 and 248,499 t, or 11.3% and 7.4%, respectively.

Sinaloa was also the state with the largest harvested area (10,369 ha) followed by Michoacán (5,321 ha) and Zacatecas (3,077 ha), so these three states accounted for 41.5% of the national harvested area of this crop.

However, in terms of yield, Querétaro is currently the state of reference, with 366 t/ha, leaving Sinaloa in 18th position with 66 t/ha. The states that followed Querétaro were Nuevo León and Coahuila, with 214 t/ha and 156 t/ha, respectively.

In terms of production value, Sinaloa also led with 8,376 million pesos, with San Luis Potosí and Michoacán in second and third place; while the highest average price per ton was obtained by Baja California with 23,022 pesos per ton, the fourth state in terms of production value with 2,058 million pesos.

States with the highest tomato production in Mexico (2020)

StateProduction obtained (t)Harvested area
Average yield
Average price
Production value (million pesos)
San Luis Potosí380,1752,989127.210,7554,089
Baja California Sur175,0272,87161.08,9041,558

Source: SADER-SIAP/ProducePay

Largest tomato producing municipalities in Mexico

In 2020, 885 municipalities reported tomato production in Mexico, so this crop is produced in 36.3% of the total municipalities in the country. Of these, only 3 produced more than 100,000 t of tomato: Culiacán (Sinaloa), Navolato (Sinaloa) and Mulegé (Baja California Sur), which together accounted for 15.8% of domestic production.

These municipalities led national production, since they had the largest harvested area, 2,344 ha for Culiacán, 2,332 ha for Navolato and 1,777 ha for Mulegé.

In terms of yield, the leader was Pedro Escobedo with 696.4 t/ha, followed by Colón and San Juan del Río, the three municipalities of Querétaro, with 514.6 t/ha and 492.9 t/ha, respectively; although only Colón and Pedro Escobedo are representative in terms of production volume, ranking 6th and 13th, respectively.

On the other hand, Culiacán and Navolato had the highest production values generated, 3,600 and 2,652 million pesos, respectively; with Ensenada (Baja California) in third place with 2,058 million pesos.

Ensenada also ranked third in terms of average price per ton, 23,022 $/t, only after Othón P. Blanco (Quintana Roo) and Chihuahua (Chihuahua) with 33,402 and 23,183 $/t, although these two municipalities had minimum production volumes.

Municipalities with the highest tomato production in Mexico (2020)

MunicipalityProduction obtained (t)Harvested area
Average yield
Average price
Production value (million pesos)
Culiacán, Sin.230,8262,34498.515,5963,600
Navolato, Sin.186,8402,33280.114,1922,652
Mulegé, B.C.S.115,9821,77765.39,1851,065
Ensenada, B.C.89,3781,25871.123,0222,058
Fresnillo, Zac69,0911,21956.73,948273
Colón, Qro.65,355127514.611,566756
Tanhuato, Mich.64,592505127.812,297794
Guasave, Sin.61,3561,05058.47,818480
Moctezuma, S.L.P.48,016188255.410,799519
Elota, Sin.47,84875963.08,450404

Source: SADER-SIAP/ProducePay

Main tomato producing regions in Mexico

Of the 5 major agricultural regions of Mexico, the Central-West and Northwest regions are the most important for tomato production, as they include the main producing states: Sinaloa, San Luis Potosí, Michoacán, Jalisco, Baja California Sur, Querétaro and Sonora.

However, other regions of interest are the Northeast, where Zacatecas is located, and the Center, where Puebla and Morelos, other important producing states, are located.

These regions are the most important because they have areas with adequate climate and soil conditions for tomato production, allowing excellent yields and quality.

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