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Empowering a stable supply chain.

Inspired by our mission to transform the agricultural industry, we empower our partners at each stage in the supply chain to reduce economic and food waste by providing greater predictability in their businesses.

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Enabling sustainability at supply.

Using the IFC Sustainability Performance Standards, we work with our global network of growers to ensure they implement best in class environmental and social risk management practices. This gives buyers access to supply that aligns with their values and goals.

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Reducing waste
at distribution.

By consolidating and streamlining the touchpoints in the supply chain, we’ve proven our ability to reduce food waste. Here’s what we achieved with our 2023 Table Grape Predictable Commerce Program.

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Stabilizing value
at retail.

By improving visibility, traceability, and implementing leadership best practices throughout the supply chain, we unlock long-term, stable retail partnerships with farms. This approach provides stable pricing to the global industry, fostering reliability and trust.

Working with
world-class partners.

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We’re incentivizing regenerative agriculture.

Climate-smart farming and regenerative agriculture enhance soil health, water quality, and climate resilience, yielding numerous environmental and social benefits. It can also generate carbon offsets and credits.

ProducePay leads initiatives to invest in growers committed to sustainable practices, improving ecosystems and agricultural resilience. We’re pioneering the creation of carbon credits from such practices in Mexico, in collaboration with Allcot and seeking approval from California’s Climate Action Reserve.

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