ProducePay is a Los Angeles-based company, founded by 4th generation farmer Pablo Borquez Schwarzbeck. We provide fresh-produce growers, distributors, shippers and marketers with new ways to access cash flow and increase sales. So far, we have financed over $300M of produce to date, bringing buyers and sellers of fresh produce unprecedented access to liquidity

Financial Platform

Premiere Cash Flow Solution


Trading Platform

Speed, Ease, and Transparency


Financial Platform

You don’t wait 3 months to eat your produce... so why wait 3 months to get paid for it? At ProducePay, we provide guaranteed next-day payment for up to 80% of the value of a seller's shipment.



Seasonal financing for your working capital needs prior to harvest

Receive an Initial Advance of up to $2 Million before your harvest begins.

At harvest, a portion of the value of each shipment is applied to reduce the Initial Advance.

Pick & Pack

Ship today, get paid tomorrow! Monetize 50% of the value of your crop, as soon as you harvest it

Register in our online platform. You can bring your current partners with you or find new ones on our Trading Platform!

Growers can track shipments from truck to end-receiver.

ProducePay enables distributors to make next-day advances without using any of their own cash.

Invoice Financing

Get 80% of your invoice immediately after you ship!

Register in our online platform.

Get your end receivers approved by ProducePay.

After verification of delivery, receive up to 80% of the value of your shipment.


Trading Platform

You’ve never moved produce this quickly before! At ProducePay, we match buyers and sellers of fresh produce anywhere in the world via our online Trading Platform


Place an offer to sell or buy on the platform and a large number of buyers or sellers will automatically be contacted for you


Meet and negotiate with buyers & sellers and set the terms of the deal


Once a transaction is closed we also provide buyers & sellers with guaranteed next-day payment of up to 80% of the shipment value

The Produce Pay Trading Platform connects vetted growers to distributors all over the world. It allows growers to move their produce faster and at the best price. Importers and distributors use ProducePay's network to access additional volume to meet their demand for fresh produce. Everyone wins!