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Partner Match

Add valuable trading relationships and watch your business grow. Let us help you build new relationships.

For U.S. and international growers we have built a strong network of world-class distributors, shippers and marketers in the U.S. in need of quality and reliable fresh-produce volume to meet increasing U.S. consumer demand.

Our distributors, located in key buying markets across the U.S., are pre-screened and qualified based on our 10-point assessment process then matched with growers meeting their needs. We stand behind our trading relationships.   Our advance fees are paid only when you are paid and as a PACA licensed produce industry company, you benefit from our payment collection assistance.

For U.S. shippers, marketers and distributors we have access to U.S. and international growers producing popular and hard-to-find fresh produce commodities adhering to strict USDA import standards.

ProducePay Partner Match Service