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Nowadays, having a “unique business” has become a fundamental point in the differentiation strategy of successful companies. It is a top priority to getting noticed and some can go so far as to say “there is no bad advertisement, only advertisement”.

If a business is to survive and thrive making an effort to be unique is a must. 15 Entrepreneurs recently have been asked by Hearpreneur “What makes your business unique?” and it would appear they have 15 different ways of being unique. Their Business Model is unique, their product is so innovative it is unique, they are addressing an old problem or using an old product in a new unique way… So, how could we differentiate any of these so called unique businesses from the next Google?

When Airbnb launched its concept in August 2008, staying on someone’s air mattress sounded weird, and let’s admit it, crazy. Maybe that’s part of the answer: pay attention to the crazy ones – you’ll find gold there.

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