Learn more about the berries production and export world

The berries group is currently one of the most important commodities in the agri-food sector in the United States, as they are fruits that have positioned themselves significantly before consumers, mainly due to their nutritional qualities.
In fact, the domestic market demand is constantly increasing and as a result the export market from different countries is following the same tendency, with Mexico as the main supplier of strawberries, raspberries and blackberries, while Peru is the undisputed leader for blueberries.
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Strawberry has positioned itself as the queen of the berries, mainly due to the fact that is best known by the final consumers and this allows it to have the largest market share. In addition, it is a fruit that different types of consumers seek all year round and this helps the strawberry to maintain its timeless relevance.
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Until recently, the blackberry was the least economically relevant berry of them all, however, for a few years to date it has become a fashionable fruit due to its high antioxidant content and this makes it highly attractive for consumers seeking a healthier lifestyle.
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Blueberry is widely known for being a fruit with antioxidant qualities as well, so its consumption has increased significantly in recent years, along with a healthier lifestyle trend of its final consumer, trends that will continue increasing over the years.
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The raspberry special flavor has positioned itself as the favorite berry for many consumers and adding the fact that, as many of the other berries, it contains significant amounts of antioxidants, we have a perfect combination in just one fruit by obtaining a delicious and healthy product.
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