Easy & fast access to capital

Grow your business and improve your cash flow with our Pre-Season and Post-Harvest financing solutions. 

Our solutions

For perishable fruits and vegetables.

Pre-Season financing

Get from $200K USD to $5MM USD up to 12 months before your harvest.

Quick-Pay+ financing

Get up to 96% of your shipment’s value THE SAME DAY your buyer receives it.*



No land for collateral

With no need to pledge land as collateral, our Growers typically leverage our financing to expand into new production.

Super fast evaluation

We can evaluate your application and approve financing up to $20mm USD in days, not months. No notarized documents required – submit documents securely online.

Full PACA compliance

All of our customers receive full PACA protection under US law to help protect their returns from unwarranted deductions or non-payment. We transparently track the sales of all crop shipments in our online platform.

A trusted supply chain

Our customers ship to produce Buyers such as

Hefty pre-harvest funding

With season-long financing that can be sent to you at the start of your season for expenses like seed, our financing has a longer duration and is much more substantial than factoring.

Ship today, cash out today

ProducePay Quick-Pay Financing

During harvest, we can add on additional financing for up to 80% of the value of each shipment the same day it crosses into the United States – even for consignment sales.

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