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While this type of “assignment of payables” structure works for short term solutions such as factoring, ProducePay offers far more flexible and long-term solution that is specifically adapted to the needs of the produce grower. This necessitates a deeper relationship between ProducePay the distributors we work with.

  • Yes, all of our agreements are 100% PACA compliant

  • Produce Pay Inc. is a produce broker operating under PACA License Number 20150951, taking title to the produce we purchase.

We manage risk through multiple approaches: by structuring our advances to ensure the grower is not over-leveraged, through meticulous due diligence, by visiting all of the farms we finance with our team of agronomic engineers, and through other measures.

Generally speaking, a distributor has no obligation to pay if a grower never ships product to that distributor. However, in some cases, for instance when a grower is referred by a distributor, we may ask the distributor to guarantee a portion of the total financing to the grower as a prerequisite to funding.

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