How distributors work with us

A guide for shippers, marketing agents, and other importers of fresh produce
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Benefits for distributors

  • MEET NEW GROWERS - Find real growers (not brokers) from our extensive LatAm grower network to develop long-term marketing relationships in new regions, filling seasonal gaps in supply
  • REDUCE RISK - Rely on our expertise in due diligence, agronomic engineers in the field, and 5+ years of experience working with produce growers in LatAm to expand your supply with minimal financial risk
  • FOCUS ON SELLING, NOT FINANCING - Eliminate the need to extend pre-harvest advances from your balance sheet so you can focus on marketing your key commodities and growing your business
  • MAINTAIN TRANSPARENCY THROUGHOUT HARVEST - Use our online platform to track shipments from field to sale, and receive updates from the field through our agronomic team during harvest

How we work with you

Distribution agreement
  • Unlike a factoring service, ProducePay does not simply facilitate faster payment after invoices are issued. Instead, as specialists in fresh produce, we typically extend advances even before a crop exists (i.e. at the start of the growing season). We can also provide advances on consigned shipments before they've been sold, before a final price is established.
  • As a result, we have a much closer relationship and partnership with distributors compared to traditional financing solutions that growers use.
  • A short distribution agreement between ProducePay and our distributors formalizes this relationship. This agreement allows us to quickly turn on advances for multiple growers who ship to you, including those growers who ProducePay might refer to you.
  • There is no fee for a distributor to work with ProducePay.
Platform usage
  • Once harvest starts, ProducePay provides an online platform to track all grower shipments to you.
  • You maintain total control over when to accept each shipment, thereby making it eligible for advances, and at what price (if it's a consigned shipment).
  • Our platform can also sync seamlessly with your ERP system if you use Famous©, iSolve©, or Quickbooks® Online to make the process completely automatic.
Easy payments
  • Instead of sending payment to the grower, you'll direct payments (net of commissions and expenses) to ProducePay, and we'll take care of the rest.
  • ProducePay will recoup a portion of each payment and send the remaining payment to the grower.
  • You'll avoid wire fees by paying ProducePay's US bank account, thereby saving up to $30 per international wire.

A trusted supply chain

Our customers ship to distributors such as

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

While this type of “assignment of payables” structure works for short term solutions such as factoring, ProducePay offers far more flexible and long-term solution that is specifically adapted to the needs of the produce grower. This necessitates a deeper relationship between ProducePay the distributors we work with.

  • Yes, all of our agreements are 100% PACA compliant

  • Produce Pay Inc. is a produce broker operating under PACA License Number 20150951, taking title to the produce we purchase.

We manage risk through multiple approaches: by structuring our advances to ensure the grower is not over-leveraged, through meticulous due diligence, by visiting all of the farms we finance with our team of agronomic engineers, and through other measures.

Generally speaking, a distributor has no obligation to pay if a grower never ships product to that distributor. However, in some cases, for instance when a grower is referred by a distributor, we may ask the distributor to guarantee a portion of the total financing to the grower as a prerequisite to funding.

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