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The Financing Agro Exporters Need

The Financing Agro Exporters Need

Olmo Bastida
February 21, 2022
Olmo Bastida
February 21, 2022

The export of fresh agricultural products represents enormous business opportunities, especially when they are exported to a market with greater purchasing power, as is the case of the U.S. market, which is the target market for many countries.

However, in order to achieve the opportunities that agro-exports represent, it is first necessary to overcome various challenges, which are accompanied by risks that can affect the different members of the agri-food chains.


In this sense, there are many risks associated with the lack of capital and at ProducePay we are aware of this situation, which is why we have launched Quick-Pay+, a financing service that solves the cash flow needs of agro exporters.

What is Quick-Pay+?

Quick-Pay+ is the financing service that fresh produce exporters need, because it solves a clear need that historically has not been covered by traditional banks.

We are referring to the cash flow required to continue the operation of harvesting and shipping of fresh fruits and vegetables, since normally when a shipment is sent and accepted by the buyer, payment usually takes several weeks to be made, which can affect the cash flow of the business.

ProducePay was born from farmers and our vision as a company is precisely to solve the financing and technology problems faced by the agricultural sector, and this financing service has been developed thinking about what agro exporters need when shipping.

What are the advantages of Quick-Pay+?

Our financing service is designed to solve the cash flow problems you have as a farmer and/or a distributor that ships fresh fruits and vegetables to the United States, offering immediate access to your money, since the payment waiting time is reduced to 24 hours.

In addition, obtaining this financing is fast because we request documentation that we know you have at your fingertips, so we can respond to your request in 2 to 3 business days, making our service the fastest response in the market to the financing needs you have in the agricultural sector.

This way you won’t have to wait for the payment period commonly used by buyers, between 30-60 days, instead, the money you deserve for the sale of your products will be in your account promptly, which will ensure the flow of capital for you to continue with your normal operations.

What are the requirements for Quick-Pay+?

To have access to this financing you need to be part of our Marketplace, through which we connect sellers with pre-qualified buyers, so that you can be sure that you are establishing business relationships with serious partners who are also looking for the right connections.

This means that by being part of our Marketplace you will have the certainty that you will no longer have problems getting paid for the fresh products you send to the United States, because all our operations are protected by the PACA Law, which represents legal support for your business.

It is important to mention that this financing only applies to the commercialization of fresh fruits and vegetables for which a fixed sales price is established, that is, when the price between seller and buyer is established in advance.

Why should you apply for Quick-Pay+?

Our financing is a tool that will allow you to feel confident that you will always have the cash flow that your agribusiness needs, so you will stop worrying about when you will receive the payment for the products you have shipped.

This way, the time you spent making calls trying to find out when your payment would be transferred, will now be time that you can dedicate to promoting the development of your agribusiness.

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