Solve Your Financing Needs With Quick-Pay+

When an exporter of perishable products sends fruits and vegetables to the United States, the buyer usually pays within 30 to 60 days, although in some cases it may even take longer.

This represents a great advantage for the buyer, since he can move the merchandise without losing capital. However, the seller runs the risk of not having enough capital to continue operations, and often has to resort to financing services.


Unfortunately, the traditional supply of financing services does not meet the needs of agro exporters, firstly because the procedures are time-consuming and inflexible, and secondly because the financial conditions are usually adverse for applicants, since the service providers know that agriculture is risky.

This often puts farmers in a complicated situation, to the point where they can only hope to receive any of the payments that their customers have pending, and thus guarantee their operation.

Of course, this does not seem fair at all, since agro exporters also take a lot of risks to get their products to the U.S. market, so they should be able to count on prompt payments for their fruits and vegetables.

At ProducePay we understand this situation quite well, which led us to launch Quick-Pay+, a financing service based on the quick payment for fresh produce, so that farmers can have their money available to secure their operations and even grow their agribusiness.

Why Quick-Pay+?

As its name says, this financing service allows you to obtain 96% of the value of your shipments within 24 hours after your buyer indicates to us the acceptance of the product, which helps you to maintain the cash flow your business needs, allowing you to cover fixed and operating expenses.

This way, agro exporters will no longer need to wait, weeks or months, for their fruit and vegetable shipments to be paid, instead they can get their profits rolling as soon as possible.

To apply for this financing you must be part of our Marketplace, where you will also be able to contact pre-qualified buyers, that is, you will be able to access commercial partners with whom you will have all the security to do business. In addition, Quick-Pay+ only applies to products that have a fixed sales price.

Work with us

As an agro exporter, being part of our Marketplace will allow you to expand your portfolio of buyers, with the total security that our operations are backed by the PACA Law, which means that you will never lose any of your payment for your products.

We know that this guarantee alone is a great differentiator, as we keep hearing stories from producers who sent their shipments to “a contact” who promised them the best, but they never heard from him again.

However, as a company our goal is to promote the commercialization of fresh produce, which is why we not only offer the guarantee provided by the PACA Law, but also the best financing services for agro exporters all over Latin America.

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