For Growers

Alleviate financial pressure

Get paid as soon as you ship. ProducePay will advance you the funds you need to cover your expenses – no need to wait for your distributor to pay you in a few months.

Invest in the road ahead

Want to expand your crop or simply need capital to buy equipment for the upcoming growing season? We will wire you pre-season cash to set you up for the season ahead.

Payment transparency

Your ProducePay dashboard tracks the status of your payment so you know exactly when you will be receiving your cash advance.

For Distributors

Free up your cash flow

ProducePay will advance money to growers on your behalf so that you can focus on maintaining and building your business. We can also help you expand your sourcing by introducing you to other reputable growers on our platform.

Reduce your financial risk

ProducePay enables you to make in-season or preseason advances without using any of your own cash.

Keep your growers happy

Provide growers with next day payment and help them avoid cash flow shortages.

Three easy ways to get financing


Seasonal financing for your working capital need prior to harvest.

  • Initial down payment of up to 10% of annual crop value before harvest begins
  • At harvest, a portion of the value of each shipment is applied to reduce the Initial Advance

Pick & Pack

Ship today, get paid tomorrow. Monetize 50% of the value of your crop, as soon as it is harvested.

  • Register in our online platform and enter details for the shipments you are looking to sell to ProducePay
  • Growers can track shipments from truck to end-receiver
  • Distributors can make next-day advances without using any of their own cash


Get 80% of your invoice immediately after you ship.

  • Upload the details of the invoices you are looking to sell to ProducePay via our online platform
  • Get your end receivers approved by ProducePay
  • After verification of delivery, receive up to 80% of the value of your shipment

Grow with the leading produce trading solution

ProducePay provides produce growers, shippers, and distributors with the tools to expand their business.


Farmers and distributors financed


Produce financed


Loads traded per day on average

By partnering with ProducePay we had the opportunity to work with growers we would never have met otherwise plus, it increased our cash flow access which allowed us to purchase the goods to increase our revenue. In the agribusiness, having cash flow access can be crucial at times. ProducePay is a very reliable financial tool, the perfect tool for businesses in the agriculture industry.

Luis Mario Morales

General Manager of Chucho Produce, LLC.

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